Master Timing graphic display, high quality and brightness display. You can display the information directly through the Master Timing program, with protocol compatible with Alge Time.
High performance display, capable of working as a traffic light (round and square), time counter, time counter, lap counter, clock and message display.
It can be remotely controlled using a timing program (Master Timing), with a Windows application (serial port) and with an Android application (bluetooh).




It has a race traffic light, configurable as square or round. You can start a race automatically, turning off the traffic light after a set time and starting the countdown timer.
With its included app, you can adjust the brightness, types of traffic lights, race start times, message display times, etc.

It can be controlled by serial port with a computer and an app, with the Master Timing program, and remotely, with bluetooh and a control app under Android.


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