The MTPro decoder is recommended for timekeepers who want a professional timekeeping system with an attractive price, coupled with high performance. To be used with Master Timing MT Pro transponders.

It provides a Master Timing protocol, it can also be configured with the AMB Transx protocol, being compatible with Master Timing software and third party software.

This decoder is capable of storing up to 100000 passings in its internal FLASH memory, and can be recalled if necessary.

The decoder has an Ethernet interface and an RS-232 interface (optional) to communicate with the computer.
It can also transmit the passing autonomously to a database in the cloud, for enduro tests, regularity, etc.


An application is supplied to configure all the parameters of the decoder, such as the IP, time, response time, gate, etc.

This app is available for android (bluetooh) and windows. It also allows you to check the operation of the decoder, being able to start a test and receive data without having to be connected to the computer, since the control is done wirelessly.



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